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32 Year Old German Woman Dies Ten Days After Astrazeneca Vaccination


32 Year Old German Woman Dies Ten Days After Astrazeneca Vaccination

The side effects of the serum could have been fatal for a woman from Herford, Germany. The district takes the case very seriously – other authorities are now investigating.

The coronavirus continues to spread at breakneck speed, but the vaccination campaign is still rather sluggish in Germany. Above all, the vaccine from British manufacturer Astrazeneca has made headlines in the past few weeks, a changed recommendation for the vaccine is now again causing sluggish vaccination in Germany. The first cases of thrombosis after vaccination with the vaccine made the rounds in Germany, too, with a mother now reporting on the fate of her daughter. She died after being vaccinated in February, long before reports of critical deaths came to light.

Death after Astrazeneca vaccination: mother reports on the fate of her 32-year-old daughter

As the mother of the deceased 32-year-old reported to Welt, her daughter was vaccinated with the Astrazeneca vaccine on February 25. As a psychologist in a rehabilitation clinic in Löhne, Westphalia, the young woman’s turn was relatively early in the vaccination campaign. As her mother explained in an interview with Welt, the young woman had a severe headache the next day. However, since Dana O. had regularly suffered from migraines, this was not unusual at first. For her vaccination, however, her migraine disease was not an exclusion criterion, doctors at the vaccination center had informed Dana O. about it.

The young woman also took medication for her migraine disease, but the headache that occurred after the vaccination was a much more intense pain. This appeared out of nowhere and the usual medication did not help against the pain this time either. The headache did not go away even after about a week, and the young woman spent most of the time in her bed. As her mother further reports, the 32-year-old even vomited in some cases.

Doctors at the University of Greifswald are investigating whether the death of the young woman from Herford is related to the Astrazeneca vaccine. The 32-year-old died of a massive cerebral haemorrhage.

Death after Astrazeneca vaccination: Young woman suffers from a severe headache – and shortly afterwards lies dead in the bathroom

As the mother of the deceased young woman reported to Welt, a complication from the vaccination did not occur to her and the 32-year-old at the time. And indeed: the first thrombosis cases after an Astrazeenca vaccination will not be made public until March. The woman then took care of her daughter every day, provided her with essentials and visited her. However, when Dana O. did not respond to any messages or phone calls on the morning of March 9th, her mother opened the apartment door.

As the mother then describes in conversation with Welt, her daughter was already lifeless in the bathroom. Despite the emergency services being alerted immediately, any help comes too late for the young woman, and the 32-year-old is pronounced dead. A subsequent autopsy reveals that the only possible cause of death is cerebral haemorrhage. However, the cause of the cerebral hemorrhage is still unknown at this point in time. As Petra O. further explains in the conversation, the first thrombosis cases became public a few days later through the news. Exactly one week after the death of her daughter, the Astrazeneca vaccine is temporarily suspended for the first time.

Death after Astrazeneca vaccination: mother is appalled by politician’s statement

On the same evening, the topic will also be taken up in the talk show “Hard but fair”. As Petra O. further explains, one statement in particular caused disbelief in the mother. “I was sitting in front of the television completely stunned,” the woman describes the moment when health expert Karl Lauterbach made it clear that the country had to accept a few people who could die from vaccinations.

As the mother of the deceased explains, the young woman’s doctor could rule out the possibility that the migraine medication could be responsible for the cerebral haemorrhage. The 32-year-old also had no serious previous illnesses, and she did not take the contraceptive pill either. While Germany is still checking whether the vaccinations can be continued with the vaccine from the manufacturer Astrazeneca, Petra O. receives a call from a doctor from the district health office. She explained to the mother that her daughter’s tissue samples would now be examined by experts at the Greifswald University Hospital. These experts announced a breakthrough only days later: they were actually able to prove a connection between the thrombosis cases and the Astrazeneca vaccination.

Death after Astrazeneca vaccination: final certainty is still pending

Although the doctor Petra O. said on the phone that the final result was still pending, it can be assumed that the death of the 32-year-old was a “vaccine damage”. Even weeks after the death of her daughter, Petra O. still has no definite certainty. As the experts found out, Dana O. did not die of the previously known brain thrombosis. The cause of death in the young woman was a cerebral haemorrhage.

As reported by the dpa, 31 suspected cases of a so-called cerebral vein thrombosis were reported out of 2.7 million Astrazeneca doses administered. Nine cases were fatal. However, researchers are now to investigate other deaths that have been reported from all over Germany. A connection between the death of the young woman and the vaccination with the Astrazeneca vaccine has not yet been officially confirmed. The next big tragedy for her mother. Petra O. makes it clear to Welt that she just wants to gain certainty.

In March, reports of serious side effects and deaths after vaccination with the vaccine had accumulated. For example, NRW recorded a death and a serious illness after being vaccinated with the vaccine. And in Rostock, too, a death was registered after a vaccination, a clinic employee was declared dead a few days after the vaccination. But not only Germany has such critical cases, Denmark and Italy have already reported the first serious side effects. A connection between the Astrazeneca vaccination and the serious side effects has not yet been proven in these cases either.

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