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Parasites On Covid Test Sticks & Masks? Dangerous Morgellons?


Parasites On Covid Test Sticks & Masks? Dangerous Morgellons?

Recently, videos on German social media that appear to be moving organisms or „parasites“ have become more common, especially with Covid-19 test sticks and medical masks. The word “Morgellons” is often used in this context. What is it really about?

The sterile Covid-19 rapid test is said to contain dangerous parasites, which are said to be „deliberately“ circulated in order to harm users. Representatives of this view also “examine” masks under specially acquired simple microscopes in order to prove the alleged existence of these dark elongated objects.

Dangerous parasites or just …

…house dust and lint. Microscopists know these things and call them dirt or house dust. It is tiny fiber debris from textiles and probably most of you can get larger amounts of it from your navel with one movement of your fingernail. Such fiber residues are everywhere (keyword microplastics in synthetic fibers!), But we usually don’t see them because they are too small.

Anyone who has ever used a microscope knows how difficult it is to keep objects really lint-free for a long time. Every smear of a surface from everyday life contains such lint.

For the Morgellon believers – who of course do not do any negative checks and see if such lint may be found everywhere – these lint are now „Morgellons“ – very nasty parasites.

It becomes even more absurd, of course, when one microscopes masks – even fibrous structures, the purpose of which is to filter dust-sized and smaller objects. Of course, you will find lint on such a test setup, even colored ones!

But what about the fact that some of these objects seem to be moving? Well, first of all this is NOT the kind of movement you would expect from a living object – if you want to observe the elegance of a real nematode, you can do this here:

The “Morgellons”, on the other hand, move when you blow on them, bump them against the table or the microscope, or when you expose them to light for a long time, so they get warm.

Heat expands objects, can also deform them, and increases Brownian motion, which occurs when a small object is hit by randomly moving molecules.

So “Morgellons” are expected lint that behave like lint – if one has a little experience at the microscopic level.

The Youtuber „Actuarium“ shows with a kind of fake video how you can easily recreate & stage these recordings or „Morgellons“:

New type of disease: Morgellon

Several things probably come together in this delusion:

  • Inexplicable / misunderstood symptoms
  • hypochondria
  • Conspiracy hypotheses
  • Inexperienced use of diagnostics
  • All of this together then often leads to full-blown psychoses with real suffering in those affected, who feel threatened by parasites and not taken seriously, sometimes create their symptoms
  • themselves through the treatment and join forces to self-help in a real Morgellon scene.

Neuroleptics could actually cure most cases.

Wichtig: Die Informationen ersetzen auf keinen Fall eine professionelle Beratung oder Behandlung durch ausgebildete und anerkannte Ärzte. Die Inhalte von können und dürfen nicht verwendet werden, um eigenständig Diagnosen zu stellen oder Behandlungen anzufangen.
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